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The Lehigh Valley's most trusted name in energy offers fast, affordable propane service for residential, commercial, and agricultural customers anywhere in the Lehigh Valley. If you need propane, you can rely on the value and reliability that has made Deiter Bros. #1 in energy since 1929.

Propane Company in Allentown PA

Consumer Propane Safety Tips

What is Propane? What to Do If You Smell Propane Gas Can You Smell Propane? Maintaining Your Propane Appliance Carbon Monoxide Safety Lighting Pilot Lights Running Out of Propane Gas Using Propane Space Heaters Safely Safe Grilling with Propane Small Propane Cylinder Transportation and Storage Power Outages Flood Preparedness Hurricane Preparedness Spring/Summer Weather Safety Winter Storm Preparedness Wildfire Preparedness

Try The Propane Energy POD

The Propane Energy Pod is a model for new construction that treats a home's five key areas of energy use ---- space heating, water heating, cooking, fireplaces, and clothes drying ---- as parts of a whole-home energy package.

Just as an unbroken thermal envelope is essential to maintaining a home's comfortable indoor climate, the Propane Energy Pod's five-in-one method creates a combined effect that benefits the entire home.

The Propane Energy Pod solution is a comprehensive approach to home energy that maximizes efficiency, performance, comfort, and carbon reduction.

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