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Propane in Allentown PA

Deiter Bros. Propane provides reliable, affordable propane delivery throughout our service regions of eastern Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley and northwestern New Jersey.

Since 1929, Deiter Bros. has stayed a family business. We are built on four generations of reliable service and trust. Independent consumer research surveys have consistently ranked Deiter Bros. #1 in customer service for more than 35 years running.

Tired of your propane company's so-so service? Contact us now to compare our performance levels and pricing… and experience the "Deiter Difference" in customer service for yourself!

Deiter Brothers Truck

Deiter Bros. offers Propane Delivery in NJ and PA for a variety of Unique Propane Uses, including the following:

  • Propane Appliances
  • Propane Oven
  • Propane Stove Top
  • Propane Boiler
  • Propane Furnace
  • Propane Fireplace
  • Propane Pool Heater
  • Propane Water Heater
  • Propane Generator
Our propane storage capacity is one of the largest in the PA and NJ service region. This enables Deiter Bros. to buy in bulk and offer attractive pricing to our customers. Call now for more facts.

Purchase a Propane Gas Tank, determine the Propane Tank Rental Fee or Current Price of Propane per Gallon, and Schedule a Propane Delivery online now from one of the best Local Propane Suppliers in Allentown PA and the surrounding Lehigh Valley.

Consumer Propane Safety Tips

Watch the videos below for information about Propane Safety and to answer some common Propane Questions. The videos include topics related to Propane Smell, Running Out of Propane Gas, Propane Space Heater Safety, Propane Grill Safety, and Propane Cylinder Transportation Safety.

What is Propane? What to Do If You Smell Propane Gas Can You Smell Propane? Maintaining Your Propane Appliance Carbon Monoxide Safety Lighting Pilot Lights Running Out of Propane Gas Using Propane Space Heaters Safely Safe Grilling with Propane Small Propane Cylinder Transportation and Storage Power Outages Flood Preparedness Hurricane Preparedness Spring/Summer Weather Safety Winter Storm Preparedness Wildfire Preparedness Earthquake Preparedness Propane Safety in High Snowfall Areas Propane and Recreational Vehicles How Propane Gets to Your Home

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