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Pacific Pride

Pacific Pride Cardlock Automated Fueling, the largest automated fueling system providing fuel access (Gas/Diesel) in the USA and Canada.

Pacific Pride Cardlock Cardlock Automated Fueling is the state-of-the-art in meeting your fueling needs. One card (which works similar to a bank machine card) gives you access to fuel products, in addition to oil, water, air and other vehicle maintenance facilities at convenient Pacific Pride locations. Just insert your card into the cardreader to activate your own private fueling station, anytime 7 days a week, 24-hours a day. In return you receive a computer printout detailing who fueled, when (time/date), gallons, cost, product purchased, and other pertinent summary information for complete fuel management, detailed by card.

There's no need to worry about account security. Each Pacific Pride card is encoded and controlled to permit only the cardholder access to motor fuels. In-house record keeping and control is a thing of the past. You will receive a comprehensive record of each fuel transaction including the date, location, purchaser, type of motor fuel, quantity purchased and total cost.

The Pacific Pride network of automated fueling sites was designed with the local and interstate user in mind. All of our sites feature clean, water-free fuel. Also you can receive location directories for easy site identification, and service information such as restrooms, phones, showers, restaurants, etc. Our system is growing fast with new areas opening every few weeks.

Our system has well-placed highway locations. These include truck stops and bulk fueling sites featuring wide turning radius and easy freeway access. Our prices are competitive, and get better with discounts for volume purchases.

Your fuel management report is designed for filing your state and province road use reports providing accuracy and efficiency. For qualified truckers we have an international card which works at all Petro Canada's "Petro-Pass" Cardlock sites, Canada's largest cardlock system.

There is a one-time-only set-up fee of $25.00, which covers the account set-up and your initial card order. There are no transaction fees and no yearly maintenance fees, unlike many other fleet fueling systems.

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