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Bethlehem PA EnviraFuel® Oil

The Cleaner, Greener Heating Oil with Bethlehem PA BioHeat

The burning of heating fuel containing sulfur has been found to contribute to acid rain.

In the Fuel Oil Combustion Process the formation of sulfur oxides is a result of the oxidation of the sulfur contained in the fuel. The quantity of these sulfur oxide emissions combine with the water vapor contained in the flue gas or in the atmosphere to form a sulfuric acid mist. Airborne sulfuric acid has been detected in smog, acid rain and even snow. This acid is corrosive.

There is currently no law regulating Home Heating Oil. The original Clean Air Act was passed in 1963. In 1970, revisions established the basis for the National Air Pollution Control Program. The revisions of 1990 created the most far-reaching regulatory increases on emission reductions for diesel fuel.

Currently, there are two categories of Fuel Oil. The type used as Heating Oil and the type used as Diesel Fuel for on-road vehicles. The primary difference between the two is the sulfur content. The sulfur content of most Heating Fuel is typically around 2500 parts per million. The typical sulfur content of Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel is 500 parts per million or less. The EPA mandated the use of ULSD, (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel), fuel in model year 2007 and newer vehicles. This has resulted in a much lower amount of sulfur, now only 15 parts per million.

The Consumer Energy Council of America (CECA) has prepared this Examination of Low Sulfur Heating Oil to demonstrate the benefits of Low Sulfur Heating Oil Fuel to Heating Oil customers.

The Advantages of EnviraFuel® Oil to Heat Your Bethlehem PA Home:

  1. Environmentally friendly
    EnviraFuel®, Low Sulfur Fuel1 and Biofuel2, blended with our special additives, dramatically reduces the amount of harmful sulfur oxides released into our air and ground water.

    EnviraFuel® reduces, by 10%, the amount of Nitrogen oxides emissions. These Nitrogen Oxide compounds in the Fuel Oil lead to sediment formation and fuel degradation.

  2. Premium Additives
    • Prevent sludge formation.
    • Maximize filter life.
    • Keep fuel lines and tanks dry.
    • Protect Oil Heating System from rust and corrosion.
    • Keeps screens, filters, and nozzles clean of deposits.
    • Reduce breeding ground for bacteria and algae.
    • Reduce smoke and particulate.

  3. Reduced heat exchanger fouling
    Tests performed at Brookhaven National Laboratories have concluded that instead of burning, sulfur turns to sulfuric acid during the combustion process. It is very corrosive to heat exchangers and will shorten the life of the Oil Heating System. Using EnviraFuel® decreases the chance of Heating Equipment failure and improves Fuel Oil efficiency.

Why Use EnviraFuel Oil in Your Bethlehem PA Home or Business?

  • EnviraFuel® dramatically reduces harmful emissions that impact air quality.
  • Reduces Heating Service calls related to Oil Quality.
  • Increases the life of existing Heating Equipment.
  • Improves efficiency-resulting in net savings.
  • Burns Cleaner. Immediate soot reductions of up to 70%.

Interested in EnviraFuel Oil for your Bethlehem PA residence or business? View our EnviraFuel Oil Price Plans or view our Current #2 Fuel Oil Prices and Schedule your Oil Delivery Today using our convenient online Oil Delivery System.

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