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We maintain on-site storage of fuel oil and propane at our three locations throughout the region. This storage volume plus additional out-of-region storage provides Deiter Brothers with volume buying power and assured delivery to our customers regardless of market conditions.

Our fleet of more than 30 fuel oil and propane delivery vehicles is equipped with computerized flowmeters for the most accurate dispensing in the industry today. All delivery men are dispatched on a grid route system to optimize their familiarity with customer locations. Automatic deliveries are available on an optional basis. Using the proven "degree day" system, we know when your home or business needs fuel oil or propane, and deliver accordingly. Most customers prefer our automatic delivery system because it relieves worries about running low on heating oil or propane.

Deiter Brothers is a quality-conscious company. As such, we purchase only the highest grades of fuel oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, and propane. We test our products and clean all storage vessels on a regular basis. A high-grade additive is used in our heating fuels to help burners run cleaner and maximize fuel efficiency. We also have launched our EnviraFuel with The Cleaner, Greener Heating Oil, a next generation fuel with the environment in mind.

Because Deiter Brothers has service locations throughout the Lehigh Valley, customers are assured of timely fuel oil and propane deliveries and fast, 24 hour emergency service.

All Deiter Brothers service men are equipped with a photo identification badge for our customers' security and peace-of-mind.

Deiter Bros. provides convenient and cost-efficient fuel oil delivery and propane delivery to customers throughout the Lehigh Valley, including:

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