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Planned Maintenance Agreement

For Gas, Propane, Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Systems

Coverage Includes:
  • Annual Tune Up & Cleaning (Includes 1 visit annually. Includes 2 visits for heat pump owners.)
    • Save up to 10% on heating costs
    • Add years to the life expectancy of this expensive equipment
    • Recommended professional planned maintenance
      • Completely vacuum clean system (when applicable)
      • Check and clean heat exchange
      • Check heat anticipator
      • Check and test safety controls
      • Perform computerized efficiency test
      • Check thermostat calibration
      • Clean and adjust burner/ignition controls
      • Replace nozzle and oil filter
      • Clean and check flu for proper draft
      • Check fan and limit controls
      • Check gas/oil lines and pressures
      • Check for proper combustion
      • Check and adjust blower components
      • Lubricate all moving parts where required
      • Check and replace standard air filters
      • Check flame sensor, gas valve operation, and gas pressure
      • Check defrost contacts
      • Test reversing valve operation
      • Check for oil leaks
      • Check refrigerant levels and pressures
      • Check condensate drain & clean condenser coil
      • Check all capacitors & clean indoor cooling coil
      • Check all voltage and amps to all motors
      • Check blower belt tension and wear
      • Check starting contactor
      • Check outside disconnect
  • 24 Hour Service at regular rates
  • A 15% Discount applies on repairs
  • Computerized efficiency testing
  • Never an overtime charge
  • Priority dispatch for any repair call
Deiter Bros. Planned Maintenance Agreement (Gas, Propane, & Heat Pump Systems)
Deiter Bros. Planned Maintenance Agreement (Air Conditioning Systems)

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