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Radiant Floor Heat is high-comfort, low-cost answer

Radiant Floor Heat is the fastest-growing method of home heat for both new construction and remodeling projects. Helping Lehigh Valley homeowners warm up to its many marvels is a division of Deiter Brothers called Radiant Floor Heat and Snowmelt Systems.

With Radiant Floor Heat, the living space is heated by pumping warm water through specially designed tubing installed under or within the floor. The heat in these tubes radiates to the surface and rises evenly throughout the room above. The surface itself stays comfortably warm to the touch. The incredible heat transfer efficiency results in even, consistent heating at far lower energy cost.

How much lower? According to Jim Deiter, Vice President of Deiter Brothers and Radiant Floor Heat & Snowmelt Systems, the savings are significant.

"With standard hydronic heating systems, water must be warmed to about two hundred degrees before it gets to the radiators. With Radiant Floor Heat, it only has to be warmed to about half of that. This makes a big difference in the amount of fuel required to heat that water," he explained.

"New Radiant Floor Heat can cut your home heating costs up to 40%," Deiter said. "Remodeling projects - like bathrooms and kitchens - that go with radiant systems will result in big energy savings, too."

Visit the showroom at Deiter Brothers, 1226 Stefko Blvd., Bethlehem, and see first-hand how radiant Floor Heat works and can work for you!