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Total Comfort Plan

For Oil-Fired Systems Only

Coverage Includes:
  • Annual Tune Up & Cleaning* (Includes 1 visit annually.)
    • Save up to 10% on heating costs
    • Add years to the life expectancy of this expensive equipment
    • Recommended professional planned maintenance
  • 24 Hour Service at regular rates
  • Computerized efficiency testing
  • Never an overtime charge
  • Priority dispatch for any repair call
  • The TankSure® Program. You can opt out of this plan if you do not want tank coverage.
  • Parts and Labor Coverage This plan offers parts and labor coverage for the items listed below. If the item is not on the list, it will not be covered. A deductible of $50 per year would apply to first covered repair. A covered repair is a repair to any of the parts listed on this agreement. Deductible is not applied to the annual cleaning and tune-up. Additionally, a 15% discount would be applied to any non-covered repair. Your Trip fee will be discounted $20.00 as well.
    • Air Filter (disposable)
    • Bearing Assembly
    • Blower Bearings
    • Blower Belt
    • Blower Motor (multispeed)
    • Blower Pulleys
    • Blower Shaft
    • Blower Wheel
    • Burner Coupling
    • Burner Fan
    • Burner Flange Gasket
    • Burner Motor
    • Burner Porcelains
    • Buss Bar Leads
    • Cad Cell Assembly
    • Cad Cell Control
    • Cad Cell Eye
    • Circulator Complete*
    • Circulator Impeller*
    • Circulator Mounts*
    • Circulator Relay*
    • Delayed Oil Valve
    • Draft Regulator (up to 8")
    • Electrodes
    • End Cone
    • Extrol Tank
    • Fan & Limit Control
    • Fill Cap
    • FireMatic Valve
    • Flare Fittings
    • Flow Valve
    • Flue Pipe (first 6 ft., 6" max)
    • Fuel Filter Cartridge
    • Fuel Pump
    • Fuel Pump Gasket
    • Fuel Pump Bleeder
    • Fuel Pump Seal
    • Fuel Pump Strainer
    • Fuses
    • Gauge Glass
    • Ignition Transformer
    • Low Voltage Wiring (exposed)
    • Nozzle
    • Nozzle Adapter
    • Nozzle Assembly
    • Nozzle Line
    • Oil Line Fittings
    • Pressuretrol
    • Relief Valve
    • Reverse Aquastat
    • Single Acting Aquastat
    • Stack Control
    • System 2000 Manager (5 zone)
    • System 2000 Puff Switch
    • Tank Gauge
    • Tank Valve
    • Temperature Gauge
    • Thermostat (manual)
    • Triple Aquastat
    • Vent Cap
    • Zone Valve Complete
    • Zone Valve Motor
    • Zone Valve Relay
    • Zone Valve Stem
    * MAIN living zone only. Additional coverage available at an additional cost.

Subject to inspection prior to issuance of Agreement. For systems up to 15 years old.

Additional zones of protection:
For Total Comfort Plan customers with multiple zones, the Total Comfort Plan only covers the primary living zone.
You can add additional zones of coverage in order to cover repair or replacement of each circulator or Zone valve.

Deiter Bros. Total Comfort Plan
Deiter Bros. Total Comfort Plan w/o* TankSure®
Additional Zones
* Oil heat customers with an underground tank or declining tank replacement coverage.