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Is an assured supply of gasoline or diesel fuel essential to your business? Are you storing such fuels in underground storage tanks (USTs) at one or more of your facilities?

Are you putting off upgrading or replacing those UST systems — even though you know there was a December 1998 deadline for getting it done?

If your answer to any of these questions was "yes," read on.

To begin with, you need to ask yourself whether you really need on-site fuel storage. If you could be sure you would have access to fuel 24 hours a day, and a conveniently located station, would that meet your needs? Such an arrangement would enable you to avoid the costs associated with operating and maintaining your own storage systems and the costs to bring them and keep them in compliance. These costs can include record keeping, tax filing, cash flow problems (due to carrying your own inventory), insurance (required by law), repairs and maintenance, etc.

If you are convinced that you need on-site fueling, do you need to maintain inventory and replace or upgrade your tanks? Or can your needs be satisfied through the use of an on site fueling service?

Deiter Brothers can meet your fueling requirements whether you use any of the 1,100 sites across the United States and Canada, or our on site fuel service which will come directly to your location any time of day or night and fuel your vehicles directly. With both services you receive one comprehensive statement at the end of the month detailing all your fueling use.

These options might enable you not only to avoid the cost of upgrading or replacing old USTs, but also lower the cost of your liability insurance and reduce the risk of having petroleum releases that could be costly to clean up. In addition, if you remove all your USTs in favor of off-site fueling or onsite fuel service, you will avoid some of the environmental concerns that sometimes block property transfers or make bankers reluctant to lend money.

Finally, if you do not know about the December 1998 deadline for making certain improvements to your UST system, or should you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

For more information on our off-site and on site refueling services, please click the appropriate link below.

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