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General Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters

GE Hybrid Water Heater - Electric Heat Pump Water Heater
GE Hybrid Water Heater

With advanced heat pump technology combined with traditional electric elements, this new GE Hybrid electric heat pump water heater has been designed with maximum energy efficiency in mind.

The tank portion of this ENERGY STAR® qualified electric water heater includes two electric heating elements, a pressure relief valve, an internal porcelain-lined tank and an anode rod. But what truly sets this product apart is just above the tank.

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How does it work?

A compressor and evaporator are integrated into the electric water heater unit and the evaporator draws in ambient heat from surrounding air using two variable speed fans. Condenser coils wrap the tank all the way to the bottom to transfer this heat into the tank and heat the water.

This innovative process creates the same amount of hot water as a traditional electric water heater, but can reduce water heating expenses up to 62% to save $320* per year. And that could have a dramatic impact on monthly utility bills for years to come!

Easy-to-use control panel

GE Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater - Control Panel The GE Hybrid electric heat pump water heater is the first residential electric water heater with an electronic back-lit LCD display. The panel features a user-friendly control system located at eye-level to eliminate the need to bend down to the floor to adjust temperature settings. Changing the mode and temperature is as easy as following the on-screen menu. This easy-to-use electronic control panel offers both simplicity and flexibility, giving consumers as much or as little control as they like.

Multiple settings meet a variety of needs

GE Hybrid Water Heater - eHeat Mode eHeat mode – Maximize your savings. In this mode, the water heater only operates the heat pump to heat the water. This is the most efficient mode, and allows for the greatest amount of savings.

GE Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater - Hybrid Mode Hybrid mode – Use less energy while still experiencing fast recovery times. While the unit uses the heat pump as its primary means to heat the water, the standard electric elements may activate if a faster water temperature recovery time is needed. When the system determines that demand has been met, it will automatically revert back to using the heat pump only. This is the default mode the electric water heater is shipped in.

GE Hybrid Water Heater - High Demand Mode High Demand mode – This is a great feature if you have guests spending the weekend and need increased amounts of hot water. High Demand mode operates very similar to Hybrid mode, but lets the system know in advance that it will be experiencing a larger water demand than usual. The water heater will be faster to react to temperature recovery by cycling on the heating elements sooner and for a longer duration of time.

GE Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater - Standard Mode Standard mode – This mode shuts off the heat pump and only uses the electric elements to heat the water, just like a standard electric water heater. Standard mode allows for operation in extremely cold situations (less than 45°F) where heat pump functionality would not be ideal.

GE Hybrid Water Heater - Vacation Setting Vacation setting – With this setting, the system will drop the temperature set point to 50°F to save energy, while also preventing the water from freezing. Simply set how many days you will be away, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 90. The unit automatically heats the water to the previous set temperature the day before you are expected to return. Now you can experience a hot shower the moment you return home.

Air Filter

GE Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater - Air Filter In the Hybrid, eHeat and High Demand modes, the water heater moves air through the system and out the back of the unit. An air filter is in place to protect the evaporator from accumulating dirt and dust. A clean air filter is important to get the highest efficiency. When the filter requires cleaning, a red indicator light above the "Filter" button will become illuminated, and an audible beep will sound. The filter can be wiped clean with a damp rag or rinsed with warm water.

Cut water heating energy usage by up to 62%

GE Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater - Decrease Heating Energy Usage Did you know that residential electric water heaters are the highest energy users in U.S. households behind air heating and cooling systems? It's true.

In fact, if you combine the energy consumed by your refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer and clothes dryer, these appliances would use less energy than your current standard water heater.

But recent technological advancements and increasing energy prices have pushed water heaters to the forefront of emerging high efficiency, energy-conscious products. And GE is leading the way by developing a solution that offers the same amount of hot water for the entire family, while using significantly less energy than a standard water heater.

The GE Hybrid water heater is ENERGY STAR® qualified

GE Hybrid Water Heater - ENERGY STAR Qualified The energy efficient GE Hybrid water heater exceeds 2010 ENERGY STAR standards with an energy factor rating (EF) of 2.35. The energy factor indicates a water heater's overall energy efficiency based on the amount of hot water produced per unit of fuel consumed over a typical day. The higher the energy factor, the more efficient the water heater will be.

  • GE electric heat pump water heater – 2.35 EF
  • Standard electric water heater – 0.88 EF

That means a GE electric heat pump water heater:

  • Saves approximately $320* per year–that's $3,200 savings in energy costs over a 10-year period
  • Uses less than half the energy compared to a conventional 50-gallon tank water heater
  • Operates at 550 watts in eHeat mode vs. 4,500 watts in standard electric mode
  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR requirement of 2.0 Energy Factor (EF) with a rating of 2.35 EF

Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Operating a GE Hybrid water heater instead of a standard 50-gallon electric model could help a U.S. household reduce water heating operating costs by approximately 62%, saving up to $320 annually and $3,200 over a 10-year period based on an electricity cost of 10.65 cents per kWh.
  • Operating a GE Hybrid water heater instead of a standard 50-gallon electric model could help a U.S. household avoid up to 62% of its CO2 emissions from the US grid associated with water heating.
  • If 25% of U.S. households purchasing a new electric water heater in a given year were to choose GE's Hybrid water heater over a standard 50-gallon electric water heater more than 4 billion lbs. of CO2 emissions from the U.S. grid could be avoided annually, equivalent to the annual emissions of more than 360,000 cars on U.S. roads.

Save $320 per year in energy costs.* Let the savings begin!

GE's Hybrid electric heat pump water heater can reduce water heating operating costs up to 62% and save the average household $320 per year on their electricity bills compared to a standard electric hot water heater. That means, over a 10-year period, these savings can add up to $3,200 for the average household.

Water heater rebates and tax incentives add up

The GE Hybrid water heater with heat pump technology is ENERGY STAR® qualified with an energy factor of 2.35. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act provides consumers with a 30% tax credit on the purchase and installation price of an ENERGY STAR heat pump water heater. That means a consumer could receive a tax credit of $450 or more depending on income level, retail price and installation cost.

Proof of qualified energy property for claiming tax credits for residential heat pump water heaters
GE Consumer & Industrial certifies that the GE Hybrid water heater (if purchased and installed between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010 in a homeowner's principal residence) meets the criteria of “Qualified Energy Property” as set forth by Section 25C of the Internal Revenue Code.

More about the federal tax credit at
In addition, the economic stimulus package enacted in February of 2009 appropriated $300 million in ENERGY STAR rebates for the purchase of products like heat pump water heaters. And state tax incentives or various utility rebates may also be available in your area. Check with your state department of revenue office for more information.

More about additional local rebates that may be available in your area at
While the GE Hybrid water heater with heat pump technology may cost a little more up front, the tax incentives, ENERGY STAR rebates and cost savings will typically pay for itself in approximately 3-4 years.**

Vacation Setting — Save money and energy while you're away

GE Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater - Vacation Setting Why waste energy on hot water when you aren't home to use it? The GE Hybrid water heater has a "Vacation or Away" setting for use when you will be away from home for an extended period of time. With this setting, the water heater drops the temperature set point to 50°F and uses the most efficient heating mode, eHeat, to save energy while also preventing the water heater from freezing when you are away.

10-year limited warranty

GE Hybrid Water Heater - One Year Warranty

1-year limited warranty on parts and labor

10-year limited warranty on parts

See complete written warranty for details

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