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19 April 2013
HVAC Spring Cleaning

Don't Overlook HVAC in Spring Cleaning!

Here are some tips to stay energy efficient as the weather changes:

  1. Check your air-conditioning and heating equipment before the beginning of a new season.
  2. Check and replace your furnace and air-conditioning filters. (this should be done every month)
  3. If you disconnected the power to your central air conditioning system in the winter, wait 24-hours after turning power back on to the system to run it. Your compressor needs that time to warm-up.
  4. Keep the thermostat constant. Continuously adjusting the thermostat can be very inefficient. You can, however, raise the thermostat 2-3 degrees during the day while you're away to save money.
  5. Consider use of a programmable thermostat to automatically increase or decrease temperatures during day and night to suit a family's lifestyle and reduce energy cost.
  6. Don't block vents or ducts inside the house to assure air flow in the home

Call Deiter Bros. to help with any of your spring time service needs!