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19 November 2018
Money- and Energy-Saving Upgrades for Your Home

 Have you noticed that your utility bills are getting higher every season? The age of your heating system and the efficiency of your home could be to blame. There are several essential HVAC upgrades you should consider to help you save money, lower your energy use, and enjoy better home comfort. The best part? These investments require little effort and deliver major returns.




Upgrade Your Pennsylvania or New Jersey Home





  • Smart Thermostat


    Unlike a standard thermostat, a smart thermostat is usually Wi-Fi connected and learns your temperature preferences. Smart Thermostats like the NEST are also ENERGY STAR® rated and most are eligible for rebates.



  • Heating System


    Upgrading to a new high-efficiency boiler or furnace can help you save big on energy and heating costs. The initial cost may seem high, but when you factor in more efficient operation, consistently lower heating bills, reduced need for repairs, and added value to your home, the pros far outweigh the cons.




  • Water Heater


    Is your water heater meeting the needs of your household? Water heaters typically last for just 10-12 years. As they age, their performance will decrease – leaving you with cold showers and more expensive utility bills. Upgrade to a new tankless water heater that has what it takes to supply hot water for daily essentials, like laundry, dishwashing, showering, and more.



  • Humidifier


    Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents are all too familiar with dry winter weather. Did you know that adding a humidifier to your home can completely change the air you breathe? With the right humidifier, your family can enjoy more warmth and better respiratory health.



  • Propane Fireplace


    Enjoy a cozy ambience without the hassle of a traditional fireplace. Propane fireplaces are significantly more efficient and most typically fit right in to your existing wood fireplace! Instead of using heated indoor air to burn, a propane fireplace draws outside air into its firebox and then a fan circulates warm air into your living space. This results in serious cost savings.




Deiter Bros. is pleased to offer all sorts of home comfort upgrades to customers in the Lehigh Valley region. Contact us to learn more about installation and HVAC upgrades.